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Build Strength

Improve Posture

More than just a Pilates workout…

At Meta Pilates we go beyond the regular exercise routine to create conscious movement by providing insight into your posture and teaching you body awareness. We will make you stronger, taller and more confident in your daily life. Based just outside of Stanthorpe, we offer both online and in person sessions so that no matter where you are you can experience Meta Pilates.

Look Better

Improve your posture with dynamic exercises that help you stand taller and look leaner


Move Better

Enhance the connection to your core muscles through correct alignment

Feel Stronger

Strengthen and tone your body through progressive workouts that challenge you at your level




Monique’s classes give guidance to newcomers and challenging exercises to the more experienced.

When participating in the classes it becomes obvious that her methods are always being updated by the latest research.

One always feels rejuvenated after attending her carefully planned and enjoyable classes.


I really look forward to my weekly Pilates session with Metapilates (Monique).  I love the one-on-one detailed attention and I know how important the stretches and movements are to keep me supple and healthy.  I can’t imagine my life without it


I was doing mat, barre and reformer Pilates for four years and was in constant pain until I started DNS with Monique. She taught me correct movement patterns so that no muscle group is overworked. As a result, I am out of pain at last.

If you are in constant pain or if exercise is too hard because you keep injuring or hurting yourself, I thoroughly recommend Meta Pilates. it is truly meta (a step above) ordinary Pilates. You too could live a pain-free life – and move and feel better than you ever have.