What Is “Meta” Pilates?

At Meta Pilates, we believe in pushing boundaries and redefining what Pilates can be. Exercising both your muscles and brain, the Pilates we teach is a personalised experience, aimed to help you move better, increase your fitness and live life without pain. Book a session today to start your journey towards mental and physical harmony.

Our Sessions

Experience Pilates on your terms with Meta Pilates. We offer a range of options tailored to your lifestyle:

1. Private Sessions: Discover the full potential of Pilates with one-on-one guidance. Whether in person or online, our private sessions provide personalized attention to address your unique goals and needs.

2. Trios And Duets: Share the Pilates journey with friends or family in our small-group sessions. Strengthen bonds and bodies while enjoying the benefits of personalized instruction.

3. Packages: Elevate your commitment to well-being with our session packages. Save, stay motivated, and track your progress as you explore the transformative power of Pilates.(Packages will show up on booking page after you choose your service type and press continue)

Your Instructor: Monique Telfer

At Meta Pilates, I’m dedicated to improving your movement. I explore spinal stability techniques, assessing their impact on your posture, discomfort, muscle tension, and strength. Our sessions are focused, empowering, and enlightening, offering insights into alignment, activation, and enhanced posture.

My Pilates education began with a matwork course in Sydney 21 years ago, in 2002, where I found my passion for helping people move better. I immediately wanted to learn more and so in 2003 I acheived a Stott Pilates certification in matwork and apparatus. I have also completed a certificate IV in Pilates practice and an Advanced Diploma in professional Pilates practice. Traveling to London, New York and Sydney for training, workshops and conferences, I make sure my knowledge around Pilates is always at the highest level. I am also currently studying Occupational Therapy part time at university.

Monique Telfer